What to give in to your Anniversary Occasion ?

There are many ways to celebrate the anniversary of your relationships and girlfriends. There are enough couples celebrate it with just go eat out both. But also not a few couples who choose to celebrate so we exchanged gifts with.

For you who are still confused what gift would love to boyfriend while anniversary, this time we would summarize the various gifts create anniversary. From the start the novel its nerdy, scrap book that sums up the journey of love you and him a hamster unyu, until the clock could be a reminder why she dont have anymore time meet.

  1. Scrap book suitable sums up the journey of the first year of the relationship you guys

Yeaaay! Finally You can get past the first year y’all. Seneng benget Yes. Well, to you, and he’s the new age relations one year, you can give away the scrap book at day jadian y’all. In the scrap book you could summarize travel story you guys for a year. Install Photo tergokil you and him on the scrap book.

      2. Do you like the tea and she likes coffee. Duh, so sweet of him can drinking coffee and tea both

Do you like coffee and tea, if he likes that mug is the right gift for the day so you guys. Once in a while you guys are off for a coffee at the cafe. Because drinking coffee and drinking tea at home is also not less exciting. romantisnya can drink coffee and tea both.

     3. The Prize she gorgeous pashmina jadian date you. Simple but meaningful.

He’s learning to wear hijab can you had with a beautiful pashmina. A simple yet meaningful gifts.

     4. Let him add the spirit of worship, surprise your partner you with simple gifts in the form of tools. This is just a real romantic.

If you’ve seldom reminded you to serve couples, there are still other events to remind him. You can worship tools he had. This is a real romantic gifts.

     5. give the video containing the congratulations from your family and closest friends.

Besides the scrap book that can encapsulate the story of love you guys, you can give a video as a gift for the anniversary. Its contents can be a congratulatory remarks from family and friends. Involving family and friends in the video, the video so more memorable.

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